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Chartpak® AD Markers, 130 Brilliant, Permanent Colors

Not Available from WNC Supply, LLC EXCEPT through special bulk ordering - just call us!

Try them on paper, vellum and art board... laminates, acrylics and ceramics... even natural materials such as eggshells and seashells.

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AD Marker 25 set

The Different Marker! Chartpak AD® Markers are outstanding when particularly brilliant colors and exceptional non-streaking, non-feathering qualities are desired. Blend, shade and color large surfaces with perfect, even coverage. AD Markers are ideal for every drawing use, from crisply articulated tight comps to architectural renderings to expressive art.

Not Just For Paper! While standard alcohol-based markers have their uses, Chartpak AD Markers - with their non-toxic, solvent-based formula - render unique and remarkable results on all sorts of surfaces. Try them on paper, vellum and art board... laminates, acrylics and ceramics... even natural materials such as eggshells and seashells. AD Markers are indeed "the tools your imagination will love".

Guaranteed Fresh! Chartpak AD Markers are U.S.A.-made by people who care. You are assured of fresh, consistent color every time. At your fingertips are rich, sparkling colors in a palette of 130 permanent brights, pastels, grays and blacks. These are the markers you will choose to use for the color range, the large capacity barrel, the consistent, velvety lay-down, the Tri-Nib flick-of-your-wrist control and the legendary Chartpak quality.

Chartpak Colorless Blender P-O! Like our AD Markers, the Chartpak Blender is of highest U.S.A. -made quality and enduring usefulness to the artist. The Blender makes it possible to achieve smooth color gradations, transparent tones and an unlimited range of pastel shades.

For dazzling effects, blend color already applied to art surface, or use the Blender as you would a paint brush. For mixing, apply AD Marker colors to a nonabsorbent palette (mylar, glass, foil, etc), pick up color with the Blender and apply it to art surface. A clean Blender can be used to pick up and remove unwanted color while still wet. Tip: Keep your Blender's Tri-Nib clean and spotless by wiping with a paper towel after use.

Chartpak AD Markers

Blender pen Choose from 130 Colors - Chartpak AD Markers $ 19.95 / pkg of 6 of same color

Click to view the Assorted Color Chart

Chartpak AD Markers & Blender Pens (pkg of 6)  **Discontinued, please call to place order**

Chartpak AD Markers

AD Marker 12 pen set 12 Assorted Colors - Chartpak AD Markers $ 31.95 / set of 12 colors each set

Order #
Description Price ea Buy
Basic 12 color set: P4, P18, P29, P41, P62,
P80, P92, P96, P100, P180, P226, P-O
$31.95 *Disc* Call
Cool Gray 12 color set: P98,P190,P188,P189,P187,P185,P186,P184,P181,P182,P183,P-O  31.95 *Disc* Call
Pastels 12 color set: P74,P160, P177, P101,P115, P122, P120, P142, P146, P130, P135, P-O  31.95 *Disc* Call
Portrait Flesh Tone 12 color set: P55, P56, P57, P70, P137, P139, P140, P147, P148, P149, P152, P156  31.95 *Disc* Call
Manga 12 color set: Brilliant vibrant colors for professional performance  31.95 *Disc* Call
Replacement Tri-Nib for Markers 5/pkg. (recommended)    3.00 *Disc* Call

Chartpak AD Markers

25 Assorted Colors - Chartpak AD® Markers $ 69.95 / set of 25 colors each set

Click to view  Color Charts for sets A - L

Portfolio 25 marker pen set
Order #
Description Price ea Buy
 Set A
Tabletop Cube Set A - Basic $69.95 *Disc* Call
Set E
Tabletop Cube Set E - Warm/Cool Grays  69.95 *Disc* Call
Set F
Tabletop Cube Set F - Pastel  69.95 *Disc* Call
Set J
Tabletop Cube Set J - Architectural   69.95 *Disc* Call
Set K
Tabletop Cube Set K - Art Director  69.95 *Disc* Call
Set L
Tabletop Cube Set L - Landscape   69.95 *Disc* Call
Tabletop Cube Set FLT - Portrait Flesh tone   69.95 *Disc* Call

Chartpak AD Markers

100 marker pen set 100 Assorted Colors - Chartpak AD® Markers $ 229.44 / set of 100 colors w/caddy

Click to view  Assorted Color Chart

P/N AD100 UPC Code 014173164605 Caddy w/100 colors **Discontinued, please call** 

Chartpak AD Markers pack of 5 Tri-Nib markers

Replacement Tri-Nib

Order # - upc Description Price ea pkg Buy
Replacement Tri-Nib for Markers 5/pkg $4.00 To Order: Click to our new site

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