Cimcom® Software, Windows RS232C or USB Transfer to CNC or Punch Readers

Serial & USB Data Transfer Software for the Machine Tool Industry.
WNCEDIT (CNC Code Editor) and SEQNO (for N numbers) software features now are included FREE
Cimcom® is WNC Supply's File Transfer Software for NC or CNC Shops.  It has been in use for over 24 years in thousands of shops world wide.  Version 4.09 is our latest release.  It incorporates use with Vista & Windows 7 or 8, a new user interface, better user setup management, improved line/protocol error detection, support for hardware handshaking, better on-line help, and much more.

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Cimcom Version 4.0 Features:

Cimcom CD and manual Windows Support - Cimcom has been tested on Stand-Alone machines running Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista & 7 or 8 32bit, and NT4 Workstation, on peer networks using Win 95 and 98, and TCP/IP based networks running Win NT 3.51 and NT4 Server with Win 95/98 workstations. Using your installed Windows networking support Cimcom can use fully qualified network paths for User Profile storage folders. If the path exists in your network browser, then you can use that path with Cimcom. Though version 4.0 is not intended to be a multi-user release, with care, the program can be installed on your network server and run from any Windows client machine.

User Interface - Cimcom's interface makes using the program much easier for new and old users alike.  Most Cimcom features can be accessed through a variety of methods (menus, push buttons).  With this interface the port status can always be displayed.

Cimcom User Profile
Edit User Profile Form (click to enlarge)

User Profile Management - Cimcom improves your ability to save various configurations to individual 'User Profiles'. This allows you to setup a profile for each user, machine tool, or serial (rs232c) device that Cimcom would communicate with. Then selecting a different configuration is as simple as selecting the desired User Profile. These user profiles have been improved with Windows network support and increased capacity.

More Features - Cimcom v4.0 can now indicate which line in a cable may be malfunctioning, or what caused a data transfer to terminate.  It also supports machines that use Hardware Handshaking (RTS/CTS as their flow control method).  We've also added a new Help System that effectively provides the User's Manual On-Line.

Improved Terminal Support - With v4.0 Cimcom provides an ANSI terminal emulator to provide support for older controls that previously used teletypes as their data input devices, such as older Bridgeport Boss controls. Using Cimcom can bring most of the benefits of DNC without the expensive hardware costs.

Cimcom Main Screen
Cimcom Main Screen (click to enlarge)
CIMCOM® is a flexible communication system for your IBM-PC. CIMCOM uploads part programs from your computer's hard disk to your CNC machine tool controller. Or after you have massaged and edited the program on the machine to optimum running efficiency, CIMCOM will download it back into a file on your disk drive. WNC can assist you by making your cables for CNC hookup (RS232C or USB) We can supply switch boxes and USB adaptor cable with driver.
If you need a punched tape of your part program, CIMCOM will handle this task with equal ease. You have your choice of producing a punched tape in ASCII - ISO or EIA format. CIMCOM will read an ASCII - ISO or EIA tape and send it to a disk file, to the printer, or just to your screen for reviewing.

You can set up communication parameters such as serial port number, baud rate, parity, data bits, stop bits, and timeout delay for an unlimited number of your output devices (punch, reader, controller). You can specify the length of tape leader/trailer, termination character and upper case conversion. Man-readable characters may be punched at the beginning of each tape according to what you type in.

cimcom editor wncedit

WNCEDIT® full screen EDITOR features mouse support (but not required), mass changes, insert, delete, mark areas to cut and/or paste from buffer, search, PgUp/Dn, Home, End, on-line help, whole or multiple line delete or paste and much more. Below is the main editing screen. It has been integrated into version 4.0 of Cimcom.

WNCEDIT Editor screen
(click to enlarge)

CNC n numbers

SEQNO® FILE RE SEQUENCING feature performs many operations dealing with sequence numbers (N0001, N0002, etc). You may set beginning and ending numbers, set the N letter to any letter, set increment (by 1, 10, etc), ask for leading zeros if needed, set the line number to begin sequence numbers, remove all sequence numbers, and select special characters which should not receive sequence numbering. It has been integrated into version 4.0 of Cimcom.

Re sequencing screen
(click to enlarge)

Need Interface CABLE or USB help?

WNC can assist you by making your cables for punches, BTR's or CNC hookup (RS232C) and can supply switch boxes. We can help you wire all your machines to your computer without visiting your shop.  Usually all we need is the control make and length of cable you will need. Take advantage of our 43 years of experience.  If you require a cable, one or more can be ordered using our shopping cart on RS232C page. This may be your best option since each punch or CNC controller may require a different wiring scheme. For this reason, no pin outs are supplied with CIMCOM and no pin outs will be given out over the telephone. Our cable making department will usually ship even a special cable the same day ordered.

cimcom rs232c

Cimcom Version 4.0 for Windows is $99.00 on CD (with WNCEDIT, SEQNO and manual)

Description Price Buy
CIMCOM V4.09 Full Package for Windows Vista & 7 or 8 32bit $ 99.00 Click to Order
CIMCOM V4.08 Full Package for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP    99.00 Click to Order
CIMCOM Update to V4.09 if You Purchased any older version. To be used on Windows Vista & 7 or 8 32bit. 49.00 Click to Order
CIMCOM Update to V4.08 if You Purchased any older version.  To be used on Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP. 49.00 Click to Order
Cimcom Extra Seat for Windows Vista and 7 or 8 32bit, (each computer) 25.00 Click to Order
Cimcom Extra Seat for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP, (each computer) 25.00 Click to Order
USBM9 USB to Serial RS232C DB9 Male 2 ft Cable and Driver CD Kit USB cable kit
Allows bi-directional speeds of 0-38400 bps USB to CNC's and 0-600 bps to Punch/Readers.
You would also need an RS232c cable to your CNC or Punch. See RS232C cable page.
For CNC transfer software buy Cimcom. The Standard-A USB plug is approximately 4 by 12 mm.
Supported platform Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista & 7 or 8 32bit/NT3.51/NT4.
39.00 Click to Order

cimcom demo download

Download CIMCOM v4.09 Windows Demo for Windows Vista & 7 or 8 32bit (1.3mb zip)

Download CIMCOM v4.08 Windows Demo for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP (1.1mb zip)

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