Oce Diazo Reproduction Media is the standard the competition tries to match for line density, image contrast, product consistency and quality. Approximately one out of every three drawings in the U.S. are reproduced on Diazo Reproduction Media. Should be stored in a cool dark area. All are wrapped in black plastic.   Related: drafting pencils  Oce Media Site Map
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Diazo opaque papers are available in blueline. The blueline papers are usually selected for general copying, for reproducing drawings, typed or printed business forms, etc. Blueline Papers produce dark, crisp line color and have the lowest cost per print on any copying material available today.

Part No.  Line Color  Basis Weight Speed Rating Speed
Oce p/n 292070 Blue 20 lb   Extra Fast
Oce Diazo Cut Sheets

20 lb - Oce Part# 292070, Extra Fast Speed

P/N Price ea
Size Quantity Buy
2920700038 $32.30 8.5" x 14" 250 sheets/pkg 1/ctn (250 total) Call,
made to order
2920700039 39.25 11" x 17" 250 sheets/pkg 1/ctn (250 total) Call,
made to order
2920700040 42.80 12" x 18" 250 sheets/pkg 4/ctn (1000 total) Call,
made to order
2920700043 92.30 17" x 22" 250 sheets/pkg 1/ctn (250 total) Call,
made to order
2920700045 102.34 18" x 24" 250 sheets/pkg 4/ctn (1000 total) Click to Order
2920700049 179.00 22" x 34" 250 sheets/pkg 2/ctn (500 total) Click to Order
2920700054 181.50 24" x 36" 250 sheets/pkg 2/ctn (500 total) Click to Order
2920700058 285.60 30" x 42" 250 sheets 1/ctn Click to Order

Diazit® Developer Activator Fluid

Diazit® Developer Activator Fluid

Diazit Developer Activator Fluid that works with the
Diazit Ammonia Free AF101 and AF303 Blueprint Machines.
This is 4 bottles (250ml) in one carton.
Sold by the carton only.
Approximately 250 prints can be run from one bottle.
P/N Price ea
Description Quantity Buy
J28 $115.00 4 bottles developer, 250ml/bottle 1 Call to Order

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