Maco® High-Speed Continuous Data Processing Labels

Our tags and labels ensure a polished, professional image, better organization, a simplified task.
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Non Machinable Labels

These basic labels don't need any printer formatting...just peel & stick!  MACO offers a variety of labels to help you do your job better:

        Organize: color coding, file folder
        Identify: white multi-purpose, dumbbells, notarial, name badges
        Shipping: from/to, fragile, poly envelopes, postage meter, clear wafer seals
        School: foil stars, reinforcements

Address and Shipping Labels 100% Sugarcane Fiber (see video) Business Cards 30% Recycled Clear Wafer Seals Color Coding Labels – Assorted Sizes
Color Coding Labels – 1/4" Diameter
Dumbbell Jewelry Labels and Tags
File Folder Labels, Sheets

Foil Stars
Fragile Labels
From/To Mailing Labels
Maco Site Map
Name Badges
Notarial Seals
Packing List Enclosed Poly Envelopes
Postage Meter Labels

Maco Packing List Enclosed Poly Envelopes
Continuous Labels, High Speed Data Processing Labels

High-Speed Continuous Data Processing Labels

Use with all pin-fed tabulating & data processing printers.

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as Avery®
4.25" Carrier Width (with 12” Horizontal Perforation) 3-1/3" x 1-7/16"      5000 4060 $36.83
4.25" Carrier Width (with 6” Horizontal Perforation) 3-1/2" x 15/16"     45000 4013 108.12
4.75" Carrier Width (with 6” Horizontal Perforation) 4" x 1-7/16"     30000 4014 127.68
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