For use with 1 inch wide 8 channel paper tape or tape made of mylar for NC or CNC machine tools. Also see the RS232C and Cimcom CNC software pages.

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DELUXE Model 501

SPLICER - GAUGE Deluxe 501 splicer

   For use with 1 inch wide (8 channel) paper or tape made of mylar for NC, CNC or embroidery. These deluxe models come with a cutting blade, 2 arms to hold the tape down, a row of precision located registration pins for splicing and a precision tape gauge to check the register of the tape. There is a data patch storage compartment and a permanent cutting shear "push-down-to-cut". No razor blades to replace. Apply the spicing patch to the arm and bring it down onto your tape. Patches not included.

   The model 501 comes without the punch shown, but does have the set of precision located registration pins. Subject to availability, please call.

Tape Gauge

Coders and Paper Tape Gauge

EIA, ASCII coders
Part # Price
R-V-CA 134 $6.50 Limited Supplies, Call to Order
R-V-CA 135 6.50 Limited Supplies, Call to Order
R-V-CA 033 10.50 Limited Supplies, Call to Order

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