The WESTNC’s inception and growth, generation after generation, has been possible thanks to the unconditional passion of people who are and have been part of the group and to our consumers’ continued faith in our products.

This passion and faith are strengthened by the Group’s commitment to achieving its commercial goals without ever losing sight of the principles that guide its actions: loyalty and trust, respect and responsibility, integrity and moderation and passion for research and innovation.

Through these principles WESTNC has always been able to put people, high product quality and its attention to the local communities and social aspects at the centre of its strategies.


Since several years, WESTNC’s corporate social responsibility passes through the active promotion of active lifestyles among the younger generations and their families through the international programme WESTNC+Sport.
WESTNC+Sport programme promotes sporting activities and aims to spread the joy of moving to children around the world, inspiring them to adopt active habits from an early age.